A young woman, wife, and mother of two goes to church every Sunday.  She has heard all about the coming Rapture, times of tribulation, God’s promised kingdom. But unlike her family, she does not believe.  Until one day about mid-morning, as she sat in the middle of the living room floor having a tea party with her little girl—then it happened. The little china tea pot crashed to the tabletop, shattering the delicate little tea cup underneath. Her daughter’s little pink dress collapsed slowly in a pile on the chair, and the boa she had around her neck fell gracefully through the air and landed on top of the little pink dress. 

Her daughter was gone. She searched for her husband, her son, her family, and she finds they are all gone. Afterward, she realizes what has happened.  She has missed her chance. She is alone.


Subject: Religious, Pub. Date: 2018-12-06, Book Id: 1, ISBN: 978-1-64318-020-5, Print Size: 6x9, Print Length: 258, Category: Religion

Ervinell Walters

Ervinell Walters is an evangelist and minister. A former member of the United States Army, she now lives in Texas and is retired. After her retirement, she returned to school where she earned her associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s in business administration with a concentration in Organizational Psychology and Development. She is most proud of the fact that she is a child of God whom He chose to write this book. To Him be the glory.