A scary chicken. A heroic prairie adventure.  A daring rescue from a fox.  It’s all part of Sherbert’s life growing up in the country. Read about a young kitten who has life figured out and wants to grow up quickly. Besides that, he has a name he doesn’t really like. Lucky for him, he has others to look out for him. Who would think a kitten and squirrel would become friends?  Sherbert is an engaging and delightful book for boys and girls.

“From out of nowhere, a brown blur whizzed in front of him. The blur rammed into monster/chicken. It sent her sailing through the air, and she tumbled end over end with feathers flying everywhere.” It’s just like Squirrel to show up unexpectedly and try to help his friend, Sherbert, get out of one of his many troubles. Find out how these two work together through their mishaps and become reliable chums.


Subject: Childrens, Pub. Date: 2018-05-15, Book Id: 6, ISBN: 978-1-64318-004-5, Print Size: 5x7, Print Length: 0, Category: Childrens

Joan Hofer

Joan Hofer was an elementary teacher for ten years in the town she still lives in, Onida, South Dakota. She resigned from teaching to raise her three children. Now that all three are in school, she substitute teaches. 
Joan also has a farmer for a husband, an energetic dog, three entertaining cats, and many adorable foster kittens in her home. This is Joan’s second children’s book.