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"Curly, the Orphan Calf" was written on March 22, 2017, several weeks after fires destroyed large parts of western Kansas, northern Oklahoma and Texas. The loss of cattle, homes, and livelihood was tremendous. People from all over, and especially those with connections to agriculture, came together to donate cash, fencing supplies and machinery, hay, labor, and even cattle. In the following weeks, huge caravans of hay and fencing supplies headed west and south through Kansas. As someone who grew up in agriculture, it was all very emotional to me. My heart broke for their loss, but was full at the outpouring of help from so many strangers. In that mix of emotions, this book was written. May it be a tribute to the tenacity of the people who lost so much and a thank you to all those who helped in their time of loss.


Subject: Childrens, Pub. Date: 2018-06-19, Book Id: 12, ISBN: 978-1-64318-010-6, Print Size: 8x10, Print Length: 36, Category: Childrens

Rosie Bosse

Rosie Bosse lives on a ranch in northeast Kansas with her husband, JR. Cattle are their livelihood, and much care is taken to ensure that the cattle are healthy and comfortable. This mother and grandmother shared her love of reading and storytelling first, with her children and then her grandchildren. Now through her stories, she continues to share that love with other children as well.