The Harmonic Convergence

It was the spiral staircase of all staircases. It reached to the stratosphere and then some. It was made of colored lights. In What I Saw, I share this magnificent sight with you. Come and see.

We’ve all seen something in our mind’s eye that shapes our beliefs and our vision of the future. We’ve all woken up from an extraordinary dream and marveled at the reality of it. We even tell others at times about it since it felt so real. We can learn and grow from our dreams in the night season.


Subject: Religious, Pub. Date: 2018-12-03, Book Id: 15, ISBN: 978-1-64318-025-0, Print Size: 5x7, Print Length: 0, Category: Religion

Michael Allen Cooper

Michael A. Cooper is a construction oriented man that was raised in Wyoming during the boom days.  His story is tied to sports, carpentry, and also a past of drug use.  He was given a stern talking to by the Lord in 1972 and it changed his life.  His life story is condensed in his book "Don't Drag the Poop".  A follow up book of dreams and visions is offered in "The Harmonic Convergence"  (What I Saw).  Adopted at an early age, and raised by his grandparents in a wild western town makes for an interesting backdrop.  Great book for giving to that wayward son or daughter that can't find their way home.