A New Beginning & A New Life

In this engaging story, author R.Jay Berry is inspired by certain events in her grandmother’s life and loosely chronicles her life in the late twenties and early thirties. The story begins with Sunday Rose Tyler’s birth and childhood in Kittman, Texas, a small community comprised mostly of African Americans, including the Tylers. In this community, Rose has big dreams that she is determined to fulfill—she aims to be a singer. At the age of seventeen, she leaves Kittman for the big city life in Dallas, convinced she will achieve her dream there despite the reality checks her older brother and best friend, Jimmie Lee, tries to give her.

When Rose arrives, her life begins to take a new turn. She meets Mama Mae, a loving African American woman who takes her in to her poor home. Mama Mae helps her find a job cleaning a house. And then Rose meets JJ, whom she falls in love with. Soon Rose realizes she has found the same happiness with this life as she would have a singing career, and she settles into married life with JJ. But Rose remains headstrong and stubborn, causing a big problem when she becomes pregnant.  Her decision against her husband’s wishes could lead to the greatest tragedy in her life. She could lose it all.


God has a plan for Rose. Discover where God’s path leads Rose in The First Sunday.


Subject: Religious, Pub. Date: 2018-08-01, Book Id: 18, ISBN: 978-1-64318-017-5, Print Size: 5.25x8, Print Length: 136, Category: Religion

R. Jay Berry

R.Jay Berry is a retired educational administrator whose love for the Lord and her family has led her to write this historical family sketch. R.Jay lives in Texas with her husband, Bernard, and their German Shepherd, Strawberry Sundae. Her son, Stephen, daughter-in-law, Jewel, and two grandpuppies, Peanut and Sadie, live nearby.