Versa racing, the universe's common ground attraction and a blood sport that tests the ethical boundaries of life: physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and politically. A barbaric sport where any specimen can enter an exosuit catered to their anatomy for the protection of their planet's status as Majoris or to escape the status as Minoris.


After being forced to partake in Earth's most popular series, Four Seasons, the main character, Craven McGuire finds himself in a family dilemma between the girl of his dreams, Gabriella Gold, and her older brother Midas, who has been prophesied to die at the Pro League Series. To win the heart of Gabriella, he must protect Midas at all costs as their death could result in Earth's imminent demise.


Subject: Fiction, Pub. Date: 2020-11-01, Book Id: 19, ISBN: 978-1-64318-019-9, Print Size: 6x9, Print Length: 330, Category: Sci-Fi

Brandon Nano

Brandon Nano is a student athlete studying to be a Personal Trainer and successful artist in writing. His hope is to help people see a new light of ideas that seem to be fading away. Brandon has Dysthymia & Crohn’s Disease, a horrible combination of illnesses, so he knows what its like to struggle. He knows the horrible things that can conflict a persons life, inside and out. Brandon's hope, through his work, is to give back to those who have pushed him in the right direction while also giving to charity. He wants to help those who suffer from similar, if not worse, issues. Brandon’s dream is to be a shining light in the dark corners of the word.