Did your imagination ever take you to a secret place that no one else had ever been? In Beyond the Garden Arbor, Cynthia Mueller leads you beyond that secret threshold into a forbidden world! Follow the innocent and lovely Katharine from the beginning to the end of her formative years. Born into nothing, Katharine acquires great fortune, yet she spends years yearning and wishing for the parents that will never be hers. Magical entities seem to watch and protect her throughout her lifetime! On all accounts, these entities ultimately disclose to her the source from whence she came. She finds family members, forgiveness, and blessings that she never knew existed! Take Katharine's’s hand, follow her, and uncover the magical and wondrous secrets and treasure that lay Beyond the Garden Arbor!


Subject: Teens, Pub. Date: 2019-05-14, Book Id: 23, ISBN: , Print Size: 5.25 x 8.25, Print Length: 244, Category: Young Adult

Cynthia Jean Mueller

Cynthia Jean Mueller resides in the Midwest. Cynthia received an award on for the best juvenile fiction novel of 2008 for her first book, Beyond the Garden Arbor, and has also won awards for her published poetry. Dorfuss Bubblebutt is her second published novel. She loves the cats and six grandchildren she is blessed with in her own life.