“What! You’re playing with who?” Mother’s eyes got wide and her voice sounded worried when Sherbert delivered the story about his new friend.
Friends.....Sherbert can’t see any problem with the friends he chooses.  Why does Mother always object? Even Squirrel questions Sherbert’s new playmate. Is this new friend worth the eff ort? Once again Sherbert encounters risky activity that makes him think twice about his choices.
Decide for yourself in Sherbert’s Stinky Tail if his decisions are good ones. Enjoy another lighthearted story for both boys and girls.


Subject: Childrens, Pub. Date: 2019-03-21, Book Id: 26, ISBN: 978-1-64318-023-6, Print Size: 5x7, Print Length: 84, Category: Childrens

Joan Hofer

Joan Hofer was an elementary teacher for ten years in the town she still lives in, Onida, South Dakota. She resigned from teaching to raise her three children. Now that all three are in school, she substitute teaches. 
Joan also has a farmer for a husband, an energetic dog, three entertaining cats, and many adorable foster kittens in her home. This is Joan’s second children’s book.