If you enjoyed Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In you'll love Golfing In Heels. A working woman's guide to discovering how men have utilized the game of golf as a way to grow not only business relationships, but nurture their need for socialization and relaxation.

Women don't always give themselves permission to engage in activities that fulfill the triad of life and work integration: business networking, socialization and time to encourage creativity that benefit them both personally and professionally.

These days, women's lives are a balancing act between work and home, and the feeling that something was left undone haunts their subconscious and produces an overpowering guild to say "yes" to others and "no" to the ones that need it most: themselves.


Subject: Self-Help, Pub. Date: 2020-11-28, Book Id: 39, ISBN: 978-1-64318-055-7, Print Size: 5.5x8.5, Print Length: 146, Category: Self Help

Kirsten Flory

Kirsten Flory is a commercial real estate agent working in the trenches of a male dominated industry.  Throughout her career, Kirsten has discovered ways to navigate toward (and succeed in creating) the life/work integration that we, as women, strive for.  As a proud working mom of two, she makes her  home with her husband outside of Lawrence, Kansas. 

Kirsten offers a weekly podcast, titled “The Small Business Mindset,” to address the issues small businesses are challenged with that keep them from moving to the next level. Her topics range from understanding business finances to marketing to staffing and recruitment and the physical space these activities occupy.  The podcast features interviews with small business owners and consultants on a variety of topics and shares insights from her clients, collaborators and mentors.