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Santa takes the reindeer racing—they have relays way up high; Even Little Bitty reindeer have to learn just how to fly!

Can you believe that I was asked to write this book by Santa Claus? Everyone loves Christmas, and even Santa Claus enjoys a Christmas book that talks about his life! He loves his reindeer and Mrs. Claus; he was quite excited to share a normal year in his life with all of you! Christmas, the coon dog, even helped to tell his story!


Subject: Childrens, Pub. Date: 2020-10-22, Book Id: 40, ISBN: 978-1-64318-063-2, Print Size: 8x10, Print Length: 28, Category: Childrens

Rosie Bosse

Rosie Bosse lives on a ranch in northeast Kansas with her husband, JR. Cattle are their livelihood, and much care is taken to ensure that the cattle are healthy and comfortable. This mother and grandmother shared her love of reading and storytelling first, with her children and then her grandchildren. Now through her stories, she continues to share that love with other children as well.