With this tale to read or sing,

Maynerd added one more thing –

A hidden letter on each page!

Fun to find for any age!


Subject: Childrens, Pub. Date: 2021-07-19, Book Id: 59, ISBN: 978-1-64318-088-5, Print Size: 8x10, Print Length: 34, Category: Childrens

Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn lives in Seattle with and near family, which naturally includes cats and a really naughty dog. Because none of her animals are well-behaved, she is fascinated by well-trained police dogs and is often yelled at by their human police partners for trying to pet them. She began writing stories and poetry in grade school, and being a published author is her dream come true. She loves to travel and is especially fond of theme parks. She is ridiculously unafraid of any animal and will likely be mauled someday trying to hug a mountain lion. Her favorite things are reading, writing, roller coasters and her two nephews.