Day by Day in Couplets

I’ve always loved to write, whether a note on a greeting card, a letter, a Christmas message, a letter to the editor, or poetry. Writing helps me organize and define my thoughts to express them just the way I want. Poetry is like a puzzle, finding the fewest right words to express these feelings. Rhyming, which is easy to read, adds a whole new dimension of cleverness. (OR ‘dimension of fun’) cleverness is a bit presumptuous.

My inspiration to rhyme came from the book, Just Folks, by Edgar Guest, 1917, given to me in 1996 by my parents. His clever poems are about life’s experiences we all have, are simply written, and rhymed for greater enjoyment.


Subject: Poetry, Pub. Date: 2022-01-16, Book Id: 63, ISBN: 978-1-64318-102-8, Print Size: 5x8, Print Length: 100, Category: Poetry

Bootsie Lauridsen