Looking for something he believes belongs to his mother, twelve-year-old Josh Milton breaks into Old Man Binkley’s garage. As the old man befriends the young boy, Josh becomes intrigued by the stories Mr. Binkley brings to life with the help of things he has hidden away in boxes—stories of people and places around the world. Curious, Josh returns each weekend until one of the boxes reveals a secret that shakes his trust in his own family. Should he run, or should he stay and face his mother who he now knows has lied to him his entire life?


Subject: Teens, Pub. Date: 2022-07-28, Book Id: 65, ISBN: , Print Size: 5.5x8.5, Print Length: 106, Category: Young Adult

Melinda B Hipple

Author of the mystery novella Hotel Toledo and two poetry chapbooks, Melinda is winner of the 2014 Moorman Prize for Prose. Her poems and short stories have appeared in numerous print and online publications, including three poems anthologized in First Water; Best of Pirene’s Fountain. She was editor of Japanesse short-form poetry for three online journals, and was the 2016 editor of the annual literary magazine Watershed. Find more of her work at www.melindabhipple.com