Taking control of your book!
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 by Niki Manbeck

The publishing industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years. So many authors are stuck on the idea that self-publishing (also known as an indie author) is wrong, and that the only way to become a successful author is to have your book picked up by a Traditional Publishing House.

While there is nothing wrong with seeking a Traditional Publishing House, it is not the only option to becoming a successful author. Many authors are drawn to self-publishing because they have creative control over their book, profits are higher, and your book will get to the market sooner.

Let’s take a closer look at these three key points:

  1. Creative Control! After your book is complete most authors have an idea of the “look” of their book. While many authors might not know how to create this look, they at least have the idea in mind. Being a self-published or indie author doesn’t mean you have to “go at it alone”. Many self-publishing companies (such as Imperium Publishing smiley) work for the author. Meaning we will not take over your book, we are simply here to produce the idea you have for your book and guide you with our many years of experience. When you work with a Traditional Publishing House you give up this right. You can get stuck with a cover or title you hate and there is nothing you can do about that. Many traditionally published authors feel trapped. Being a self-published or indie author gives you control and freedom, and it feels great!
  2. Higher profits! There is a misconception that self-publishing companies are just out there to “make a buck” off you. I’ve never really understood why people think this way. You’re paying a company to provide a service for you, there is no harm in that. If you do your research and find the companies that put their clients first (such as Imperium Publishing smiley) you can be highly successful in today’s market. When you traditionally publish your book, you are giving away a big chunk of your sales to the Publishing House, you can expect to make around 10-20% off the books sold. When you self-publish you make 100% of the sale profit. Keep in mind with both Traditional and self-published you still subtract any retailer or production costs when calculating your profit.
  3. Faster market time! I don’t know a single author that wants to sit on their book for years after they’ve completed it. That’s the chance you take if you want to traditionally publish your book. It can take months just for a Traditional House to even look at your manuscript, and if they like it, it can take years to complete. I don’t know about you but I don’t have the patience for that. Working with a self-publishing company we work on your time. Like I said before, we work for you. While I can’t speak for other Publishing Houses I can speak for Imperium Publishing, and we have a six-month turnaround time. Need longer? Sure thing! We work with you to come up with a time line before production begins. I don’t want to hang around in limbo land waiting for someone to tell me when my book will be ready. Self-Publishing gives you the freedom to set your own dates, work as fast as you want to work.

The publishing industry is always changing, embrace the change and take control of your own future!

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