Enhanced Book Package

Package Price: $5,550.00

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  Custom Cover Design

Our professional designer will create a custom cover design based on the information you provide on our cover questionnaire.

  Available in Soft Cover Format

Your book will be available in Soft Cover Format.

  Available in Hard Cover Format

Your book will be available in Hard Cover Format.

*If you would like to add eBook Format to your package please call our office for a quote.

  Copy Edit (up to 75,000 words)

Copyediting is an in-depth examination of your manuscript’s content from concept (storyline and character development) to stylistic (wording, grammar, flow) choices. This includes consistency and continuity within the story, but also spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, basic-level fact checking, timeline issues, sentence structure, verb tense, and clarity. Comments are made when questions regarding your writing/storyline occur, and when appropriate, suggestions for revision are offered. Copyediting includes the initial read-through with edits, as well as suggestions for rewrites. For manuscripts exceeding 75,000 words please call our office for a quote.

  Custom Layout

Our professional designer will create a custom design for the interior for your book that compliments the cover. Interior design may include images, tables, bulleted lists, block quotes, or endnotes. For books with heavy formatting needs such as a journal, cookbook, or manuscripts with unique text design or graphic elements there could be an additional fee. If this applies to you please call our office for a quote.

  Word for Word Proofread

Our team will review your manuscript for any potentially missed errors prior to going to print. For the Enhanced Package this is the second set of eyes to look at your book for any editing errors. If you would like to add a content review to your package please call our office for a quote.

  Formatting Proofread

Our proofreader will ensure the format, spacing, and layout is aesthetically correct and pleasing to the eye, making certain that your book is in great shape visually for the reader.

  One on One Author Support

Each book is assigned one of our professional Author Support Representatives (ASR) to help you along this journey. Your assigned ASR will be your main contact while moving you through production. When production ends, we don’t stop there. Your ASR will continue to answer any questions you may have and help you with any promotional assistance you need. We are here to serve you! 


International Standard Book Number will be assigned to your book.

  Copyright Submission

Our Team will file the necessary forms through the US Copyright Office. The author will hold the copyright unless otherwise stated (in writing) by the author.


We use Ingram for all our distribution needs. Through cutting­ edge technology and revolutionary innovations in the manufacturing and distribution of books, Ingram strives to create and discover new paths to success for publishers, retailers, libraries and educators so consumers across the globe can have easy access to the books they want in the formats they most prefer.

  Personalized Book Page on Facebook (Optional)

If you don’t already have an author or book Facebook page we can help. We will set up a personalized page with all your author/book information already there. You as the author are responsible for maintaining your page. Additional Social Media services are available, please call the office if you would like to hear more!

  Press Release

Our publicity team will creatively write an original press release about your book, detailing your background and providing the media the information they need for developing a story or review.

  Three Day Spotlight on Imperium Publishing Website

You as the author will choose which three days you would like your book to be featured on the Imperium Publishing homepage. Three authors will be featured daily. Helpful suggestion, it’s good to feature your book on release day or on days you have book signings or speaking engagements, etc. These do not have to be consecutive days. Additional days can be purchased for:

1 day - $7

3 days - $20

7 days - $35

  Local Media Blast

Our publicity team will research all the local media outlets within a 50-mile radius of your location. We will strategically promote your book in a one-time email blast to these locations and include your press release. Our focus is to try and secure interviews, books signings, and book sales. Since all of our research is done online, it is highly encouraged for the author to help in providing names and/or emails to their local media outlets (television stations, newspapers, radio stations, etc.).

  Five Custom Image Quotes

Our publicity team will create beautiful text pictures using quotes the author provides from their book. These image quotes can be used on your social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

  10 Free Soft Cover Books + 5 Free Hard Cover Books – Includes shipping!